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What’s Brewing in Google’s Secret Lab?

utah778/Depositphotos: Google stepping up its game in terms of technology

Fortunately, Google is a lot less secretive than other companies about its projects in the offing. The company regularly provides glimpses via the magazine BusinessWeek and updates about the developments in the research lab. It is no secret that the tech giant is an innovation machine and doesn’t create subpar technology.

We have collected the best products that are in the lab’s pipeline and will leave you in awe. Some have already started weaving their magic in the real world.

Wearable PCs

[email protected]/Depositphotos: Google Glass can change the way you use your PC

The gadget has been theorized in movies, but Google is making your dreams come true. Powered by Android, Google Glass is a digital screen that fits right into the peripheral vision of a human, just like glasses. Don’t confuse it with ‘just a better version’ of spectacles, because anything that a computer can do, Google Glass can do.

Self-Driving Cars

The technology has been in the works for a long time and is beginning to show with companies such as Tesla, already debuting it on the roads. Google X plans to take it a step further. Imagine not having to struggle for parking space or a world without traffic jams or accidents!

Artificial Intelligence

dennizn/Depositphotos: Google is not far-behind in the world of Artificial Intelligence 

Google’s technology consists of approximately 16,000 computers that learn and adapt after surfing the internet. The network emits the feel of a laptop and is called a Chromebook. The main motive is to get things done faster and suggest customers the best apps, management tips, and security options.

Expand the Potential of Web Services

There are still many parts of the world that are alien to the internet due to a lack of communication technology. As a start, cheaper smartphones have been trying to penetrate the underdeveloped areas. Google is also working on methods to introduce broadband transmitters on balloons that will float at high-altitudes and function as towers.

Blood Screening

For those who are afraid of a pinprick and the thought of getting your blood taken makes you sweat, your problems are about to be solved. Recently, Google has filed a patent for technology – needle-free blood draw.

In 2013, Andrew Conrad, a former high-ranking scientist at LabCorp, joined the Google X team to work on this. The work-in-progress device can be worn as a bracelet or can be kept as a handheld device. It takes blood from fingertips or other sources of the body.

Many people may not know this, but Google has an annual event called ‘Solve for X.’ In this conference, entrepreneurs and researchers from all over the world are invited to discuss the next big thing in technology. Following the news of this event can help you get regular updates from the company.

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