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Turning Home into School – Vices and Challenges

The lockdown has been harsh on everybody. But it’s possibly been harder on the kids. Months of school and playing lost, not to mention the GPA hits for older students.

The difficulty of keeping their attention on the screen long enough for an online school session to finish is also becoming a challenge.

Among all the chaos, some schools were already better-prepared thanks to systems like Lenovo’s LanSchool. A tool to help and facilitate remote learning.

The Hardships

AndreyPopov/depositphotos: Facing problems while studying from home

The surprise lockdown meant education providers could only use what was readily available. Zoom is undoubtedly easy to use, but equally insecure and possibly ineffective in ensuring student interaction and focus.

Remote schooling shares all the issues of working from home— and more! Responsibility and determination to bag that paycheck isn’t looming over kids’ heads, making them more prone to be distracted, or just generally less focused on getting their work done.

Lack of engagement is a huge problem in this scenario, and most tech companies cannot provide the right solutions. It’s mainly because they’ve never focused efforts on developing a system that is truly committed to sharing education and knowledge.

Lenovo spotted this loophole and made note that schools were already working towards expanding tech use by way of Chromebooks.

What is LanSchool?

LanSchool – a perfect solution for teachers and students

LanSchool is a complete classroom solution provider specifically made by consulting teachers who face issues in difficult school districts.

It was important for them to build a system that only continued in case of a physical shutdown, but was also effective.

With 12 million global users across 75 countries, educators are loving the new platform that is finally making them feel like teachers again, instead of miserably failing babysitters.

It’s also user friendly. Taking the jitters away from the tutors themselves and even enabling them to control students’ hardware like blanking out screens and blocking off-site browsing to maintain classroom decorum.

Multitasking and collaboration tools also help manage group activities better, assign tasks, distribute learning material, and reward kids for achievements.

Looking Forward

alebloshka/depositphotos: The future of e-learning is wearable tech

As kids are our greatest asset, and their lives have halted with Covid-19, it’s time that we encourage schools and campuses to embrace better teaching platforms. No more time should be lost, and a comprehensive tool like LanSchool could be all they need to kickstart the right way to teach.

Integrating a VR component to the learning environment can help a great deal to engage younger students. The Lenovo Mirage VR S3 is an intricately designed gadget that’s completely safe for young and old users.

So incorporating these newly available tech wonders can truly make up for the loss our kids have endured. Here’s hoping they bounce back soon enough and keep acing life!

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