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Try These Innovative Gadgets to Calm an Anxious Mind

Since ancient history, meditation and yoga have been considered the best tools to re-center the mind and calm anxious thoughts. Technology doesn’t come to mind when we want to relax. Early on in our lives, we are taught to turn off our gadgets to get some peace and detox.

With the evolution of technology, there have been many new inventions that improve your mood more efficiently.

If you are still skeptical, take a look at the following devices that do just this and more.


Photo: Try Thync to calm your mind

Backed by a ton of research, this incredible gadget can be attached to your head whenever you want; it helps stimulate positive reactions. Thync helps in influencing the current happenings in our brains. After affixing, it directs nerves in the mind and neck to start pumping adrenalin. Invariably, the flow helps your body relax and can provide an extra boost when you need it the most.

It may seem odd to jumpstart the nerves, but the process is entirely natural and scientific.


CHOOSEMUSE.COM/FOR PHILLYVOICE: Muse will be your guide to a relaxed mind

It is an excellent supplementary tool for people who already meditate. It is like a FitBit in a way; a sensory band is attached to your forehead, which is connected to an application on your phone. As you start to calm down, the band uses ECG sensors and tracks what is happening in your body. Muse tells you exactly how your body is reacting and relaxing and provides a better coaching way.

Buddhify 2

Appropriately named, the mobile application has 80 different guided meditation tutorials installed. The library can be accessed anytime and anywhere. It is highly customizable, depending on the kind of experience that you are looking for. Buddhify 2 has been designed by seasoned professionals, keeping modern mindfulness in perspective.

For example, it has different chapters if you are having trouble falling asleep or dealing with anxiety. It also provides tips on improving meditation skills and has an in-built timer, so that you never get lost or lose track of time.

Spire One

Created by Calming Technologies Lab, Spire One helps you to understand the root cause of your disturbance. We cannot solve a problem if we are unaware of the issue causing it. The gadget evaluates your breathing pattern during the day, and it gets triggered when you start feeling stressed. When the notification goes off, it also provides guided meditations to prevent you from losing control.

Virtual reality is also an upcoming tech for bringing about calmness. While we agree that some innovations have caused disruptions in our lives negatively, there are plenty of products that help curb that effect.

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