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These Gadgets Make the Lockdown More Bearable

The lockdown and social distancing have made it harder for even introverts to stay at home. We’re all in need of some change, and it’s hard to come by when all you see is the kitchen, living room, and bed all day.

Working from home is the next challenge, and the boredom could really take a toll on you and your loved ones.

So we’ve rounded up some tech products that have helped us get by this unprecedented time. Take a peek, and see if it sounds like something you’d want to own!

Atmoph Window 2

Atmoph: The Atmoph Window 2 could change night into day

It’s a literal window to look out of— for those times you crave to be out on the beach, sipping on a cocktail. Or catch up on the canceled travel plans to Paris, while sitting on the couch.

The Atmoph offers real-time video feeds from far-away places. If someone’s in the mood to gaze at a starry night, that’s an option too! Losing yourself among some underwater reefs sounds perfect as well. And you can escape to any place with a simple touch on the 27-inch screen. Hopefully, another version could cover a whole wall!

Chili’s Ooler

Terry Cralle, RN: Your personal bed heater and cooler

The Ooler is a multi-functional pad that acts as both a bed heater and a cooler. For couples who have different preferences on which setting the thermostat should be in, this is a godsend.

It allows custom temperature settings and could work wonders for your sleep. Since adequate and peaceful sleep truly helps to keep irritability at bay, this could be a real lifesaver when the lockdown blues hit.

Dell’s Monster Monitor

Dell: Dell’s 49-inch ultra-wide monitor for extreme multitasking

Working from home can be a hassle, but we’re guessing a 49-inch display would make the screen-staring more bearable.

This also means no more switching between screens, as it’s more than capable of having about three windows open at the same time! Imagine getting to keep tabs on work, email, and Instagram all at once!

The Bartesian

Bartesian Cocktail Maker for perfect drinks

We all miss the weekly night-outs, so this brilliant appliance can help you make a boring night into a date night by mixing up the perfect cocktail in just a few seconds.

Now you can actually sip a breezy Piña coladawhile pretending to lounge on a Hawaiian beach by your Atmoph window! How fabulous!

Chromebook 11a

This one is for the kids. But an incredible product nonetheless. For just $219, it’s the best gift for your child that wouldn’t break the bank.

With homeschooling and virtual classrooms, they really need the upgrade, and this laptop gives just what’s required without unnecessary frills.

So while we all wish we could be out and about soon, some things can make our lives easier in this trying time. Here’s hoping you find your go-to lockdown relief gadget!

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