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Meet Your Virtual Doctor— The Rise of Online House Calls

Online medical appointments have risen dramatically ever since the pandemic took over our daily lives. Even if the fear of going out in public dissipates, telehealth is here to stay with more people being exposed to its benefits and ease.

Even skeptics and older people who are not so tech-savvy have sought out the method, and are loving it.

Practitioners can also get work done faster and efficiently from their own workspaces. For patients in rural areas and those suffering from chronic ailments, telemedicine provides the much-needed option of staying where you’re most comfortable.

It has also made leaps and bounds on virtual screenings, enabling healthcare professionals to hear even heartbeats clearly.

Yet, making the switch can be scary at first. So here’s everything one should know when meeting your doc virtually.

Best Practices

lacheev/depositphotos: Find a doctor online for your health conditions

It isn’t like your regular visit. This requires a good command of technology as well as the ability to communicate appropriately.

Remember that you’re not physically present with the consultant, so things like reports, pictures (for wounds/ dermatological issues), and elaborating on your physical ailments would help the one on the other end to better gauge your concern. It affects the diagnosis and, ultimately, recovery as well.

A sound internet connection plus a private, undisturbed area for a visit, can help a great deal. And leave no stone unturned. Tell everything and ask anything you need to clarify too.

Beating Hurdles

[email protected]/depositphotos: Digitally communicating with your doctor with a good internet connection

Finding a good Wi-Fi connection is probably the most common issue with new users— especially the elderly who aren’t used to operating devices like iPads and laptops.

So it’s vital that the patient is familiarized with the system first before the actual visitation begins. Families could help in this regard by helping older family members adapt to technology through simpler options like video calls.

The Evolution

verbaska/depositphotos: The future of medicine is telehealth 

Telehealth will likely not be just a bonus hereafter. It’ll be a requirement for doctors to continue their duty and truly impact more numbers and better results.

Seems like the only reason more crowds hadn’t adopted telehealth earlier is that they weren’t aware of it. Also, people feel at ease once they are in the presence of their doctor, so virtual meetings tend to leave patients dissatisfied, which is not the case anymore.

Now that the pandemic and fear of contagion have brought it to the forefront, it will slowly become embedded into our lives post-lockdown too. There’s definitely light flooding the end of the tunnel for telemedicine!

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