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Changing The Future’s Curve With Foldable Technology

destinacigdem/Depositphotos: Future of technology is foldable gadgets

Technological advancements have grown at an exponential rate. New product releases temporarily satiate the thirst for innovation. Every once in a while, a genuinely groundbreaking device comes to light and manages to elevate our lifestyle and transcend barriers as we know it.

The most recent example that comes to mind is the technology of foldable gadgets. They are seemingly a genius solution to humanity’s woes of ever-growing screen and space issues. If only it was possible to get the same performance and resolution on a mobile phone without being annoyed by a larger than life screen, it’d be brilliant!

Consumers Guide the Way

As the world’s order has increasingly honed in on user’s needs and developed products specifically to alleviate their issues, the process of collapsible technology is no different. Innovators will need to get direct feedback from customers about the requirements and problems that they are facing. It can be done through beta testing, surveys, studies, and in-depth research of the target market.

nirutdps/Depositphotos: 5G helping with the tech advancement

It is because of this approach only that we have seen the release of 5G, rapid evolution in artificial intelligence, and augmented reality. All of the technology mentioned has managed to garner a significant buyer base due to its capability to solve people’s needs.

The shift in consumer demand indicates that they need their instruments to be multi-functional while staying as compact as scientifically possible. While it is preferable to save on space, it should not be done at the cost of durability, screen quality, performance, and versatility.

Foldable technology isn’t just limited to laptops or tablets; companies have also been coming out with phones. The memorable mention is the Motorola Razr, the iconic cell phone that achieved cult status around the 2000s. The newest release features the legendary flip, but the twist is on the flexible screen.

What’s next?

Experts have now been anticipating the foldable innovation to permeate other input methods such as digital pens, keyboards, and accessories that allow for type and touch. They also believe that the technology will continue to get lighter, more seamless, thinner, with longer battery life, and get better in terms of durability. It will help to develop larger screens too.

ra2studio/Depositphotos: No physical limitations for a gadget

Hopefully, soon, external monitors and TVs would have the ability to be rolled, folded, expanded, and contracted. It will greatly aid in moving and carrying them wherever required.

Foldable technology is just the beginning. There may have been a few duds along the way (looking at you, Samsung!), where defects regarding screen breakage were reported, but overall the direction is positive. While the innovation itself is not a measure of success, the critical focus on customer insights will undoubtedly help guide the way.

And who knows? Maybe we will see our kitchenware, toys, or even watches open up like a scroll soon enough!


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