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Strain-Free Workout Routine: Here is How to Make It a Reality

If you are anything like us, working out is more of a chore than a fun time. Stressing over how many reps you could do each time could be nerve-racking, and honestly, that is not the purpose of working out in the first place!

Creating a workout drill that works for you and the body while being enjoyable at the same time is essential.

It’s not about what your favorite celebrity does in their routine, but about listening to and observing your body and then reframing the daily workouts accordingly.

When a person focuses on the ‘’shoulds,’’ they are sucking out the essence of fun that is supposed to be incorporated in the daily drills.

Here are some tips and tricks to help you enjoy working out and feeling less pressured in the process.

Treadmill Time

 Even if you are going solo on the treadmill or doing crunches at home, never fail to plan it beforehand. This makes you committed to the session and helps in evaluating your feelings.

Here is a great tip: Choose a great workout video on YouTube before the workout session and get that adrenaline rushing already!

Online Video Might Help

Choosing a video that complements your current mood is important, and if unsure about what you feel like, let the mind wander and select something.

Take A Day Off

serezniy/Depositphotos: Take a break from working out

We all need some time— a day off from work, the keto-diet you have been following lately, and even from working out! This day off is very precious as it helps you reflect on the latest drills and plan the next move in the gym as well.

You could go easy on the weekends maybe, wake up naturally without the alarm going off every two seconds, enjoy a cup of coffee, and do some slight stretching or warmups for some relaxing Yoga— save the tough reps for Monday!

No Timer for Workouts

The next tip is to not set a timer or continuously look at the clock to see how much time you have left. This could be mentally straining and make it seem like working out is the least favorite thing one could ever do.

Nikodash/Depositphotos: Time your workouts with music 

So, for a stress-free drill that serves your mind and body, pay less or no attention to time. If you really are running out of time, then measure it with some music— this could be relaxing, upbeat, and fun even!

Do those reps without straining yourself mentally. Stay happy and healthy!


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