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Stop Worrying and Start Enjoying Your 20s

focuspocusltd/Depositphotos: 20s are not the time to worry about life

Young people nowadays have developed social anxiety due to the pressure of social media. One can’t blame them entirely as everyone’s lives are plastered all over Facebook and Instagram to see. The need to prove their worth has even led to the term FOMO or ‘fear of missing out.’

This shouldn’t be the case as people go on different paces in life. Success isn’t based on the age a person reaches their goal, but it’s the fact that they did it regardless of the time!

See what misconceptions these twenty-somethings believe should be accomplished as soon as possible.

Being a Travel Bug

gstockstudio/Depositphotos: You don’t need to achieve travel goals in 20s

They say once the travel bug bites, a person can never shake it off. It’s the best way to get out of your comfort zone, which is why travel bucket lists have become quite popular.

A college kid may feel bad if their friends are constantly jet-setting halfway around the world, but one should remember that this is not a race. As long as you work hard to make that travel goal happen, it will be a great experience, even if it takes a while.

Coveting that Dream Job

Obsessing over the perfect job starts at an early age, and this leads to fresh graduates feeling like the world has ended if they don’t have their dream job at 25.

People need to accept that it may take years of poor job choices before scoring the one that would change their lives. Also, that dream career you had when you were ten might change by the time you reach 30.

Meeting the Love of Your Life

 nd3000/Depositphotos: Love is as unpredictable as life

It’s undeniable that meeting ‘the one’ is on a lot of singletons’ wishlist, and this is primarily due to all the hopelessly romantic movies of Hollywood. Young people are consumed with the idea of having the perfect partner before they hit 30, but just like jobs, there is no set timeline to it either.

To avoid frustration, you might as well let nature take its course and develop your current relationship to its full potential.

The Need to Be Awesome

There’s nothing wrong with wanting to be the best version of oneself, but in your 20s, it’s highly unlikely that you’ll ever be the best you. Now is the time to experiment; whatever is done now will determine your best future version. So relax and get to know yourself more!

At the end of the day, focus on yourself instead of what others have achieved. There’s no point in worrying

about them for now—enjoy your 20s while it lasts.


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