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Five Ways to Look Stylish on a Tight Budget

Know how some girls go around looking beautiful all the time? They look ready for a shoot, that too, without any special efforts. The remaining lot of us are just left in awe, wondering when we’ll be able to look as immaculate. But then we peek inside our pockets, and the dream bubble bursts into tiny pieces.

majdansky/Depositphotos: Don’t spend thousands on dollars in looking pretty!

Well, it turns out looking gorgeous has nothing to do with money. Here are five things you can do to look glamorous without much effort.

Nail It Up!

Bork/Depositphotos: Keep your nails fresh everyday 

How does it feel to see someone with chipped nail polish? More frustrating than when someone doesn’t stand on one side of the escalator!

You can maintain the freshness of your nails without getting a manicure every other day. Just apply polish daily or make sure that it’s removed when chipped. Easy, right?

Formal Formula

Purchasing clothes according to current trends is equal to sweeping your money away. What’s in fashion will be out the next day. How long can one keep up with it? Besides, once the style fades, you can’t wear it again since people are quick to go around labeling, ‘This is so 2016!’

Your closet needs garments that never go out of luck, like jackets, jeans, and a candid dress. All of these can be paired up with different items from the wardrobe to make a cool outfit every time. When shopping, look for pieces that are versatile and can be mix and matched easily.

It’s Up-do You

igterex/Depositphotos: You can tie your hair up for a stylish look

When your hair is tied up, features like your neck, collarbone, and jaw are more prominent. This makes one look prettier with a touch of grace and, oh, they’re perfect for hot summers.

Anyone can make a simple ponytail; they aren’t hard to master. Try different ways to tie your hair up on each day, rock through the whole week with endless possibilities!

Stick Flick

Find the lipstick that compliments your skin tone and keep it in your handbag. Pop the shade whenever you need to look extra chic if there wasn’t time to put makeup on.

Jacket Joe

heckmannoleg/Depositphotos: Jackets can be a life saver!

It’s okay if you can’t spare the cash for fancy outfits; in fact, you don’t have to worry about not being able to purchase pricey shirts. Get the ones that cost under $5 and invest in a good-quality jacket. Wear it over the shirt, and, voila, no one will notice what’s underneath!

All of these are trouble-free and, thankfully, cost-free ways to look extra elegant and charismatic. Who thought looking classy can be this affordable?

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