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Buying a European Apartment? Here Some Private Islands Cheaper Than That

Things are starting to look up now that the vaccinations are rolling out and restrictions are being eased. This calls for a good ol’ vacation to clear up the mind and the body. There are so many options when it comes to vacation – you can either go hiking, enjoy a whole day at the beach, or even visit the city. If you’re feeling extravagant, you can also invest in getting yourself a vacation spot of your own.

Pexels | How great would it be to fly off to your own private island every summer?

Yes, you can get yourself a beach house or an apartment in the city but what about a private island? And not just any private island. This one stands for the same price as a private European apartment. However, they are going to come with their own set of pros and cons but, who would want to have a 2 bedroom apartment when you can have acres and acres worth of land all to your name?

So, if you plan on becoming a private island owner, here are a few listings that are featured in Private Island Magazine.

1. Big Tancook Island

Located in Nova Scotia, Canada, this beautiful island is going to light up your parasailing dreams. It is perfect for your family getaways with a great view and rocky shorelines that add character to the place. There are only 125 residents on the island so you’ll basically have complete privacy. It is up for grabs at the throwaway price of 56,898 pounds.

Pexels | The perfect getaway spot to take a break from the hustle-bustle of everyday life

2. Danhattan Island

This island is located in the US and is listed for 263,281 pounds. The special thing about this island is that it is covered with trees so, if you are someone who finds comfort in nature then this is your true calling.

3. Majestic Island

This is another island from the US, listed at 274,982 pounds. While it might not have extravagant views or extraordinary features, it does offer you acres and acres worth of land. It comes with a cottage in tow which you can use for your days off.

4. Bocal Island

This island is located in Nicaragua and it is every vacationer’s dream. This lush green island comes with a 2 bedroom guest house, a place for the caretakers, a beautiful cemented pier, and beaches for a lifetime. Despite the amazing offer, it is relatively cheaper in the sense that it does offer a lot of surface area as compared to the other listings.

Pexels | All you need is the sandy beach and cool ocean waters to wipe all your troubles away

So, why buy a city apartment when you can have a private island to yourself?

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