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The Current Reality of The Bachelor Couples

Every time a new season of The Bachelor is announced, the excitement inevitably builds up. Immediately after, another thought rolls in, what happened to the previous couples? Are they still together? If not, who are they currently seeing?

Since many of the reality TV stars love to get back with their old flames, it can be tricky to keep track. So while you wait for the newer episodes, it is time to catch up on the contestants who have appeared in the show before!

Alex Michel and Amanda Marsh

Alex Michel and Amanda Marsh are not together anymore

The very first couple of the series! In season one, Alex picked Amanda, but he did not propose to her. They tried to make the relationship work for a few months but eventually went their separate ways.

The latest on Michel is that he is currently single and working as a media executive in New York City. Maybe it is time for him to give love another shot!

Marsh, on the other hand, found her happy ending and is now Amanda Caldwell. She married her childhood friend, and the happy couple has a lovely daughter.

Bob Guiney and Estella Gardinier

Bob Guiney and Estella Gardinier ended their relationship after filming

We were introduced to them in season four, Bob and Estella emerged as the last standing pair. Sadly, they soon broke up after the filming ended.

In 2004, Guiney married Rebecca Budig, an actress on All My Children, but eventually got divorced. After pursuing gigs for HGTV, TLC, and making his own band, he met Jessica Canyon. Since 2016, the couple has been happy together.

Gardinier is a busy woman and looks like she doesn’t have time for love. Now working as fitness, yoga, and pilates instructor, she is also busy running her Project Love You. She did briefly dated country singer Steve Holy, but nothing panned out.

 Jesse Palmer and Jessica Bowlin

The handsome football player Jesse picked the beautiful Jessica, but the relationship did not last long.

Palmer is now a Daily Mail TV host and prolific sports commentator on ESPN and engaged to a Brazilian model, Emely Fardo.

Bowlin went back to school after a brief stint on the show and is now an attorney after passing State Bar of California, in 2007. She is now married and has two sons.

Sean Lowe and Catherine Giudici

Sean Lowe and Catherine Giudici – the one that lasted

Not all couples that come out of The Bachelor are doomed, some stand the test of life and manage to reinstate our faith in fairy tales. Sean and Catherine are one such couple. After a swoon-worthy romance in season seventeen, he proposed, and they became the first couple to get married in the history of the reality show.

The wedding was broadcasted in 2014. Lowe went on to appear in Dancing with the Stars. In 2016 Giudici gave birth to their first son, Samuel. The baby boy was soon joined by one brother and sister.

Despite the controversies, there is no denying that the show and its contestants are good at what they do and manage to keep us entertained!

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