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Pride Day: Did We Celebrate it Differently This Year?

Pride day started in celebration of diversity. Did you know its origin was a rebellious protest at a gay bar?

But we couldn’t hang out at a gay pub in the middle of a global pandemic. We were unable to travel and organize colorful parades, neither could we march the streets clad in face paint and rainbow-colored flags.

We were under lockdown, or just going out for the first time in months. True, the new reality is a bit alarming, but that did not stop us from beating the virtual drum on pride day. In fact, we rejoiced and commemorated the month of Pride— possibly even more fervently than before, albeit a little differently!

How Did We Celebrate?

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Celebrating Pride Day in 2020

As mentioned before, there were no physical gatherings or marching parades this year. Still, there were thousands of virtual caucuses and conventions online.

There is also an advantage of celebrating it this way— thousands of disabled, introverted, and often neglected LGBTQ+ people could participate. They did not have to come out of their way to celebrate; a mobile device with an internet connection was sufficient!

People expressed their support for the LGBTQ+ community by delightful posts on the Gram, rainbow makeup tutorials on YouTube, and messages of diversity on TikTok. This was exceptionally refreshing and accessible to people worldwide— even to gay communities in countries where celebrating Pride month, unfortunately, is a punishable crime.

Pride Safari

On the 18th of June, there was a webinar organized by Skyscanner, called Travel with Pride— here, all things related to LGBTQ+ travel was discussed. These included challenges faced by LGBTQ+ persons with a passion for traveling and how to overcome them by creating changes in perception.

 Pride for Everyone

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Pride day celebrations in the past

Pink News arranged a four-day workshop that included Q&A sessions with media influencers, activists, celebrities, musical programs, and drag shows. It was a whole lot of fun and games while raising awareness as well.

Manchester Pride and The Listening Group

Manchester Pride organized a Women’s Listening Group for ladies everywhere to talk about their concerns and think of better ways to serve their needs and wants.

UK’s Unity Pride

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United Kingdoms had a new take on Pride day with the digital pride gala

Unite UK put together a digital pride gala from the 19th to 20th of June. The virtual show consisted of panel discussions, music, games, and a whole lot of other activities in honor of the LGBTQ+ community.

A lot more online extravaganzas will be planned in the upcoming weeks as well. Let us continue to have a blast of virtual goodness and honor diversity as one. Happy Pride!

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