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How COVID-19 Changed Theme Park Protocols

A theme park is just one of many places where a person instantly feels like a kid. One prime example is the Universal Studios Orlando in Florida, which is flocked by tourists from all over the world for its exciting rides. However, it was closed as a safety measure due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Thankfully, the government lifted quarantine restrictions, and parks are finally allowed to reopen.

But the global health crisis changed park protocols notably, and while people can enjoy the facilities, specific rules need to be abided.

Social Distancing is Enforced

It is awfully crowded in big theme parks, which increases the possibility of catching an infection. With this in mind, Universal Studios is enforcing strict social distancing guidelines throughout the area.

Visitors can expect to see numerous signs and constant reinforcement from theme park employees. These new regulations might take a little bit of getting used to, but it’s for everyone’s benefit.

Controls Around Resort Hotels Strict social distancing followed in Resort hotels

Navigating around the resort hotel will take a tad bit longer as elevators will decrease its capacity to avoid overcrowding. The same is applied to the number of passengers allowed inside the theme park bus. It may sound too much, but everyone will love the extra leg space!

Additionally, social distancing protocols are in place inside the building, and routine temperature checks will be undertaken. Don’t forget to have fun while you follow these guidelines!

Entrance Process Update

ginosphotos1/Depositphotos: Entrance protocols in theme parks take hours!

Like old times, hotel resort occupants get into the park an hour earlier than others. At first, it might feel like it’s taking forever for the line to move with everyone maintaining distance, but once you get inside, you’ll feel the wait was worth it.

Face Masks Are Required

Among the top changes that visitors strictly need to comply with are the use of face masks. Some may contest this rule since it can get uncomfortable when used for extended periods, especially during summer.

But everyone is required to wear one unless there is a medical issue brought up or if the visitor is below three years old. It’s important to choose the best face mask that would be comfortable and breathable – disposable surgical or cloth masks are acceptable!

Good thing, park-goers gladly followed this new rule as everyone just wanted to have a great time.

These are only some of the new rules enforced by Universal Studios; there will likely be additional ones depending on its efficacy. It’s a new system that might not be perfect, but with cooperation, everyone’s bound to have a memorable experience!

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