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Bring The Theatre to Your Backyard with This Easy DIY

With the onset of streaming platforms, runs to movie theaters have been steadily declining. Pile on a pandemic, and the situation has not gotten any better. Once in a while, we all do crave the ambiance and quality of watching a movie in a plush cinema with surround sound, huge screens, and an overpriced tub of popcorn.

Looking at the current world order, the possibility of improvements is quite less. Even in the case of forecasts, it is being predicted that the era of subscription services has just started.

But what do you do when you want to watch a movie and get the experience of a theater? You follow these instructions to turn your backyard into an amphitheater!

Carefully Pick Out Space

Shaiith79/depositphotos: Backyard home theater

Powering a projector will require electricity. Pick a spot outdoors that can meet the power needs. Also, make sure than any light from the street or the living room is not reflecting against the screen, it will dim the quality of movie-watching experience.

Weather is also one of the factors to keep in mind. Rain, windstorm, or any other disruptions can damage the setup and equipment. Ensure that there is a shed or storage of any kind to keep things safe.

Setup a Screen

zzzdim/depositphotos: Set up a screen in your backyard

There are many DIY options for those who cannot afford a retractable screen. Try sewing up a clean, crisp, and white sheet without any patterns and attaching it to the wall tautly.

To ramp up the quality of the display, try attaching a dark fabric made out of black cloth to the back of the DIY screen. It will produce better images.

In case there is a possibility of sheets wrinkling or crinkling due to the wind, it can be attached to a frame made out of wood or lightweight piping. The whole setup will be sturdier and require less upkeep.

Bring in the Tech

BrianAJackson/depositphotos: Projector should be placed according to your preference 

This is where it gets a little tricky. The projector should be connected to the video signal from your DVD player and then proceed to attach the audio signal from the DVD player to the speakers.

To jazz up and really bring the feel of a movie theater, surround sound speakers will be a nice touch. In case you don’t have one, run-of-the-mill speakers will also do just fine.

Adjusting the size of the image on the screen is very easy; just move the projector closer or farther as per the requirements.

You are all set! Grab a couple of blankets and pillows, pop some kernels, select your pick for tonight, and you are in for a cozy night of binge-watching movies.

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