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What to Do While Waiting to Hear Back from the Hiring Manager?

racorn/Depositphotos: Did the hiring manager call back?

Often, people feel anxious after giving a job interview. Conflicting thoughts about being rejected or selected keep rushing through. While the heartbeat keeps flickering, it becomes challenging to think positively, and an individual can consequently make an irrational decision.

Now, here are certain ways that can be looked over while waiting for a response. What are they? Read on to find.

Revise Your Voicemail

Listen to your voicemail message and record a new one if it isn’t confident or cheerful. To be sure about this, ask for someone’s feedback.

An optimistic note will make you sound professional and leave the hiring manager with a good impression if a call is missed.

Other Job Proposals

Informing the said company of other job offers that have been made to you can portray a decent picture, but lying to them about it can turn out to be unfavorable.

VitalikRadko/Depositphotos: Inform the prospective employer about other job opportunities

An HR manager is not easy to deceive. They can contact recruiters or conduct research to see if one is actually in demand or not. If the hoax is busted, you will obviously not be trusted or contacted anymore.

Aggression Overload

Don’t be hostile with the manager if they’re taking too long to reveal the results.It’s hard to maintain patience, so you can inquire for the updates once a week after asking if you can follow up with them, but keep in mind not to contact them repeatedly. You never know when they’re annoyed.

Study the Company

Ivanko1980/Depositphotos: Stay informed about the workings of the company you’ve applied to

Utilize this time to understand the corporation better. See if you have friends in the firm and chat about the company culture, circles, workload, motivation levels, and general environment.

Look into how they’re doing financially and if employees are able to maintain a good balance between their work and social life.

Running Headlines

If you’re looking for a new job while still having one, don’t tell your current boss about it. What if they enrage and fire you? Having a job adds some moss to your name; the new company will try to bargain you over with the one you’re currently holding a position in by offering better pay.

Otherwise, they know that you’re redundant, and anything will do. So, it’s better not to talk about it at the office or update your social media profiles.

When you follow these points, don’t forget to notify the referees whose contact has been provided to the manager and keep searching for better jobs. The most important key to getting through this uncertain time is to stay positive!

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