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What Is an Amazon Courtesy Credit and How Can You Get One?

Have you ever encountered the term “Amazon Courtesy Credit” in an email and wondered what it meant? You’re not alone! Many Amazon customers come across this reward but are unsure of its purpose and how to use it.

This guide will answer all your questions about What is an Amazon courtesy credit, including how they work, how to earn them, and how to redeem them for valuable benefits.

Understanding What is an Amazon Courtesy Credit

An Amazon courtesy credit is a special reward the platform offers as a token of appreciation or to compensate for any inconvenience caused. Unlike gift cards or promo codes, courtesy credits are not earned through promotions or specific purchases. Instead, they’re awarded at Amazon’s discretion, typically in response to a customer’s situation.

Ways to Earning Amazon Courtesy Credits

There are three primary ways to receive Amazon courtesy credits:

1. Choosing Slower Shipping Methods

what is an amazon courtesy credit

Freepik | pch.vector  | For opting for slower shipping options, Amazon may offer you a courtesy credit.

As a thank you for opting for slower shipping options, Amazon may reward you with a courtesy credit. This is most common for Prime members who choose the “Free No-Rush Shipping” option, which delivers your order in several days instead of the usual one- or two-day timeframe.

For selecting this slower method, you might receive a courtesy credit of around $1.50 in digital format, usable for purchasing digital products like eBooks, music, and videos.

2. Resolving Shipping Issues

If Amazon makes a mistake with your order’s shipping, such as charging an extra shipping fee, a late delivery, or a delay in processing, you might be compensated with a courtesy credit instead of a simple refund. The amount can vary between $5 and $10, depending on the severity of the issue.

3. Filing a Dispute


what is an amazon courtesy credit

Freepik | user25451090 | Filing a dispute with Amazon for damaged, incorrect, or missing items can lead to a courtesy credit.

If you receive a damaged or incorrect item, or don’t receive an order at all, filing a dispute with Amazon can lead to a courtesy credit as a resolution. Once Amazon resolves the dispute in your favor, you’ll be notified by email and may receive a credit ranging from $5 to $10.

Using Your Amazon Courtesy Credit

Amazon courtesy credits can be used to purchase eligible items sold and shipped by They cannot be applied to products listed on Amazon but fulfilled by third-party sellers. When checking out, your courtesy credit will be applied towards your order total if applicable. But, you have the option to deselect it during checkout if you prefer not to use it at that time.

While there’s no dedicated section to view your courtesy credit balance within your Amazon account, you can access it through a specific link provided by Amazon customer service.

Eligibility for Amazon Courtesy Credits

what is an amazon courtesy credit

Freepik | innu-asha84  | Prime members are more likely to receive courtesy credits for slower shipping options.

There are no strict eligibility criteria for receiving Amazon courtesy credits. But, some factors might influence Amazon’s decision, such as:

  • Prime Membership: Prime members are more likely to receive courtesy credits for slower shipping options.
  • Valid Return Reasons: When filing a dispute for a return, having a legitimate reason for the return (e.g., damaged item, wrong product) increases your chances of receiving a credit.

The Bottom Line

By understanding what is an amazon courtesy credit, you can take advantage of this valuable reward program. By choosing slower shipping methods, resolving shipping issues, and filing disputes when necessary, you might be surprised to find a courtesy credit waiting for you on your next Amazon purchase.

So, keep an eye out for those emails and enjoy the benefits of being a valued Amazon customer!

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