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Are You Over Fifty and Looking to Be Hired Again?

Goodluz/Depositphotos: Getting hired after the age of fifty

The unemployment rate for people over the age of fifty is comparatively low. Still, once any of them go out of work for a while, it becomes hard to get another job since they’re left with no bargaining power.

On average, it takes around 30 weeks for such job seekers to get finally hired again; this gap can turn out to be harsh with financial issues rising or the feeling of anxiety looming.

How do you cut-down the time-period of thirty weeks? By following this set of strategies,you might land a job much earlier than expected.

Tech Deck

AndrewLozovyi/Depositphotos: Seniors familiar with advanced technology are preferred 

A news item that we keep seeing is that the world is speeding and making many advancements in the technology sector – this is why businesses prefer to hire individuals acquainted with the use of the latest devices. In these circumstances, older employees are less-preferred since they might not be tech-savvy.

This calls for showing that you’re well-aware of the new developments in your sector: an indirect way is to add your LinkedIn URL to the resume or mention a gripping article on the hiring manager’s Twitter feed.


Thirty or even twenty years of experience can make you overqualified for the position. Companies may feel reluctant to hire you for the job since they may think that it is wrong to offer a junior role to a skilled person.

Instead of listing previous work achievements, the cover letter should include why you’re the right choice for the post and how you can contribute to the company’s growth.


While there are many ways to land a job, the best one is through using your networks.This makes for a clever filter that does not give room for any discrimination.

Check if there is a known associate linked to your prospective employer and ask them to refer you for a post.


fizkes: Reassure your young manager 

It is quite possible that the manager of a said firm may be younger than you are. They might feel uneasy about supervising someone more experienced.

A good thing would be to reassure them by shaking the insecurities out.State that you’re not eyeing their post and will be comfortable performing the assigned tasks.

Now, you’re aware of the four most important points to keep in mind when unemployed.If nothing works, try shortening your resume and only highlight the most recent achievements of your career. Good luck!

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