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Are You a New Graduate? These 4 Tips Will Help You Find a Dream Job

As online learning and social distancing are becoming a norm, seniors who had their final year cut short are now worrying about getting a job.

Since the pandemic hit the globe, we have been concerned about studies and work life, but those who are about to transition from student life to a professional one are more confused than ever. What will the job market be like now? What about internships? Do I have to rely on odd jobs for a while?

All these questions are making new graduates worried about their futures. Here we have tips that will help you navigate the job and internship market so that you can starting working on the dream career.

School Resources Can Be a Life Saver

Get in touch with the school’s career services center

You don’t have to go far and beyond to prepare for the dream job-just tap into your school’s resources to improve the resume and cover letter. Colleges have a career services center that can help in navigating the job market.

The school’s alumni relations department might also be able to connect you with the alums in your desired field.

Video Interviewing Is the Way to Go

Rawpixel/depositphotos: Prepare for a virtual interview session

There’s no need for a perfect handshake anytime soon, so instead, prepare for a video interview. Since the Coronavirus outbreak, apps like Skype and Zoom are becoming more popular for interviewing potential candidates, so you shouldn’t be far behind in this game.

Dress professionally, do some research, and don’t forget to thank the employer with a follow-up email. The great thing about virtual interviews is that a cheat sheet of talking points can be kept right by the laptop to ace that interview with full-confidence.

It’s Nothing Personal!

fizkes/depositphotos: Rejection is only one step in the direction of finding the right job

Most of the time, the company does not respond in any way, and if they do, it’s a rejection-this can be depressing, but never think that it has anything to do with you personally.

Now that you have entered the work field, it’s time to act like a professional. Send a thank-you email to the company who sent a rejection letter and mention that you’d like to hear about new opportunities. This might lead to a job that is much better than the one you applied for!

Take A Breath

Looking for a job or an internship is overwhelming, but don’t let the stress affect you in the wrong way. Instead of typing out hundreds of follow-up emails, just take a deep breath and sit back. Given the uncertain times, it’s natural to have a delay in the response, or the company might experience budget cuts.

Don’t get disappointed – this is also part of the process, so be patient, positive, and professional, no matter what.

Remember, it’s all temporary, so make the most out of this situation and learn and grow in all possible arenas.

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