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5 Smart Tips to Successfully Ask for A Raise at Work

It sounds like the easiest thing to do, but asking for a raise at work can be quite daunting. The problem is that if a person puts it off for a long time, it can affect work productivity, which is why it’s important to get over it and talk to whoever’s in charge.

Check out how these simple ways can help score a raise pronto!

Timing is Everything

LightField Studios/Shutterstock: Ask for a raise at the right time

This may apply to a lot of things in life, but the strategy is critical in determining the success of the goal. It’s best to request or schedule a meeting with your boss to avoid any interruptions. This way, it will give them time to prepare and be in a better mood.

A closed-door discussion will also allow both parties to express their thoughts freely since the topic in mind is relatively sensitive in nature.

Honesty is the Best Policy

A manager or supervisor will gladly provide feedback, especially if asked directly by an employee. For those who have been in the same role for years, discuss long-term and short-term plans. Be honest about what you can bring to the table to justify the raise you are asking for.

Create a Discussion Plan  

Monkey Business Images/Shutterstock: Be prepared to impress your boss

Once a meeting is set, make sure to ace it by preparing ahead. Begin by jotting down areas where you believe you can add value to the company. It’s also a great idea to highlight critical projects or milestones that would impress the big boss.

Be objective about whatever data is presented so the manager will not think twice about why the salary increase is deserved.

Dig Deep and Do Some Research

Campaign Creators/Unsplash: Research before asking for raise is everything

It would be a dream to have a manager say ‘yes’ to whatever figure is thrown their way, but that is not always the case. Research about where the job currently stands in the market can also determine an appropriate number.

However, one should also be prudent to know the company’s financial status; otherwise, the discussion will just go down the drain.

Major No-No’s

Whatever happens, never give an ultimatum. It will only go two ways, and it might just damage your reputation. If money is a personal issue, then work toward getting a promotion rather than just an increase in salary. This approach will be much more welcomed by your superior.

Always remember that asking for a raise is part of the natural cycle of anyone’s career. Even if all recommended steps are followed, they will be useless without confidence, so never lose faith in yourself.


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