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Is the Tesla Cybertruck Rusting? Early Owners Report Corrosion Issues

Shiny and imposing, the Tesla Cybertruck promised a revolutionary driving experience. But for some early adopters, the luster seems to be fading a little faster than expected. Reports of cybertruck rusting are surfacing online, with brand new vehicles exhibiting signs of corrosion. This raises concerns about the durability of Tesla’s unconventional stainless steel exoskeleton.

Early Signs of Cybertruck Rusting

Cybertruck rusting is a concerning issue for owners, impacting various areas including the wheel wells

Instagram | insidertech | Cybertruck owners share rust spot photos and experiences online forums.

These concerns aren’t just whispers. Cybertruck owners are taking to online forums to share photos and experiences of encountering orange rust spots on their vehicles, often after just a few weeks of ownership and exposure to rain. One such owner, posting under the pseudonym “Raxar” on the forum, shared close-up images of the rust spots and recounted being informed about the potential issue during vehicle pickup. Tesla’s advice? Buffing it out.

Raxar, along with others like “vertigo3pb” who reported similar experiences with their Cybertrucks, expressed frustration with the situation. Stainless steel is renowned for its exceptional resistance to corrosion, making these early reports of  cybertruck rusting particularly disconcerting.

Understanding Stainless Steel and Its Quirks

Traditionally, stainless steel hasn’t been a popular choice for car exteriors due to its rigidity and difficulty shaping. Tesla’s bold design choice, while undeniably striking, might come with some unforeseen consequences. While stainless steel offers superior strength and a futuristic aesthetic, it’s not entirely immune to rust. Certain environmental factors, like exposure to road salt or improper cleaning habits, can accelerate the formation of surface rust.

The impact of Cybertruck rusting is evident, affecting both the vehicle's appearance and resale value

Instagram | luxurylifestylemagazine | Regular washing and decontamination are vital to maintain the Cybertruck’s stainless steel exterior.

Tesla’s online manual, leaked ahead of the official release, acknowledges this susceptibility. It emphasizes the importance of maintaining a clean Cybertruck, highlighting potential threats like oil, tree sap, and even dead bugs. Regular washing and decontamination seem to be crucial for preserving the Cybertruck’s stainless steel exterior.

Paint Protection and Cleaning Options

For those concerned about the potential for rust, Tesla offers optional paint protection film in black or white for $6,000. This film covers the entire stainless steel surface, safeguarding it from scratches and potentially mitigating the risk of rust formation. A less expensive option is the $5,000 clear paint film.

While the jury’s still out on the long-term impact of these early reports, it’s evident that proper care and maintenance will be essential for Cybertruck owners. Following Tesla’s cleaning recommendations and considering protective film options can go a long way in keeping your futuristic truck looking its best.

A Market in Flux

Cybertruck rusting is a concerning issue for owners

Instagram | hypewhip | The Cybertruck’s limited production and Tesla’s resale restrictions sparked excitement among early adopters.

The Cybertruck’s arrival has certainly shaken up the electric vehicle landscape. Limited initial production quantities, coupled with Tesla’s attempt to curb resales within the first year, fueled a frenzy among some early adopters.

One Cybertruck even fetched a staggering $244,000 at auction, more than double its retail price. This incident highlights the intense initial demand for the vehicle.

Addressing Concerns and Building Trust

As Tesla investigates the reported rust issues, clear communication with Cybertruck owners will be paramount. Transparency and a commitment to addressing these cybertruck rusting concerns will be crucial in building trust with its customer base. Whether these early reports are isolated incidents or indicative of a larger problem remains to be seen. Time will tell how Tesla navigates these challenges and ensures the Cybertruck lives up to its promise of a revolutionary driving experience.

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