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The Future is Here: Interesting Inventions You Can Start Using Today

As a kid, The Jetsons painted the imaginations of many on how the future could look like. Technology has come a long way – now, there’s almost an app developed for anything under the sun. While we’re far from a stream of flying cars up in the sky, there are a few inventions that seemed impossible a few years ago.

Passenger Drone 

A flight without a pilot – passenger drone

Everyone hates traffic, but there seems to be no way to escape it. Wherever in the world one maybe, it’s a glaring problem for all. But imagine a time where you can book an unmanned cab that flies and takes you to work in a snap?

It sounds too good to be true, but a quadcopter drone called Ehang 184 might be the solution to decongest roads. This might take a while to get used to since there’s no way to control it while the passenger is inside!

LED Screens That Fold 

Does your gadget fold like this?

A foldable LED screen may sound like a crazy idea ten years ago, but technology has made it feasible. Nowadays, grand buildings or stadiums are encased with LED billboards that’s quite a marvel to see.

Handheld devices are also getting an upgrade as tech giants like Samsung innovated the smartphone game by creating a foldable tablet/phone. At this rate, one can see more of these products out in the market very soon.

Pocket Calorie Scanner

Count your calories on the go!

People have started to become extra health-conscious in this era of instant microwaveable meals and junk food. Calorie counting is a growing practice for many folks that a portable food scanner was created to cater to this demand.

Called the DietScanner, a user would simply directly hold it against any food, and it counts its nutritional value through molecular technology. Data is stored through a smartphone app, which makes it the perfect companion for diet enthusiasts!

Handy Language Translator

Traveling has become a way of life, and with airplane tickets becoming much more affordable, anyone can fly to foreign countries quickly.

The biggest challenge upon arrival, however, is the language barrier. This is where the ILI wearable translator comes in handy! A user would only need to speak English right into the tool, which translates to whatever language one desires.

Unfortunately, those who want to use it to travel to Europe or the Middle East might need to wait a while as it only currently comes in English, Chinese, and Japanese.

It’s exciting to think about what other possible inventions are in store for us in the near future. One can only hope for them to come very soon as people can’t get enough of new tech!

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