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Tune Your Emotional Intelligence to Get the Job You Want

You got a job interview, and now it’s time to prep for it. The credentials must have been quite impressive to make you a shortlisted candidate, so now it’s time to forget everything else and cut to the chase.

The first step is to forget about amassing references, thinking about the answers to every potential interview question, and repeating everything you’ve learned so far. Instead, prepare your Emotional Intelligence to make the interviewer say, ‘I want this person on my team!’

Sounds unrealistic, right? But it’s not! This is where the actual secret to a successful job interview lies.

Why is Emotional Intelligence Important?

nupix/depositphotos: Keeping your emotional intelligence in check

According to Dr. Travis Bradberry, Emotional Intelligence is the little intangible ‘something’ that we all have. It affects the way we navigate life, from making personal decisions to managing social complexities, everything is dictated through EI.

A job interview also comes under the wing of Emotional Intelligence, so answering the questions won’t be enough; that little ‘something’ is required to succeed. You can try these three tactics to win over the interviewer.

Calm Yourself Down Keep yourself settled down during the interview

The first thing to do is settle down in the role of an interviewee. There is a possibility you might not get the job but treat this meeting as the most important thing in life at the moment. The calm body language can communicate a lot more than you think.

Be polite, accept hospitality, and smile wherever you can to change the atmosphere into a friendly one. It’s not a critical situation, and your life most certainly does not depend on it, so don’t treat it that way. Instead, be a part of the group and have a nice conversation.

Connect with the Interviewer

odua/depositphotos: Relaxed conversation with the interviewer are important

The interviewer is not just a gatekeeper standing in your way of success, so looking at them as if they are a barrier might send a wrong message.

Consider them as actual people and forge connections – this is the extension of the first point, of course. After all, a calm and relaxed interview is a memorable one for all parties involved. One thing that can help is researching about the company. Having something to talk about comforts both sides of the table and the meeting will go as smoothly as it can.

Mindset Matters

If you think that this job interview is just a checkpoint, then you need to change this mindset. Think of it as an opportunity that might become a possibility for you. It’s just a step in the right direction, so enjoy the meeting instead of focusing too much on answering the questions.

Again, it connects with the previous points – calm down, connect with the interviewer, and change the attitude. It will show in your behavior and impact the interview in a positive way.

A job interview is not a battlefield, so don’t think of it that way. You can wow the interviewer with emotional intelligence and get the job you want.

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